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Today's bizarre fuckin' activity.

I decided that today I'm gonna fuckin' type "fuckin'" in as many fuckin' emails, fuckin' entries, fuckin' code comments, and other fuckin' writings as I can. And I'm gonna fuckin' use it as often as I fuckin' can without making it sound like I'm fuckin' trying to hard to use it as much as fuckin' possible.

This is a fine fuckin' art, because while "I'm gonna go to the fuckin' store and get a fuckin' stick of beef jerky" sounds funny and kind of natural, "I'm fuckin' gonna go to the fuckin' store and fuckin' get a fuckin' stick of beef fuckin' jerky" just sounds like you're fuckin' trying too hard, and kind of messes up the fuckin' aesthetic of the joke.

You know what I'm fuckin' sayin'?

So yeah. There's today's fuckin' odd behavior. I like to keep people on their fuckin' toes. I just hope I don't get fuckin' fired, cause that'd fuckin' suck.


Jul. 7th, 2003 02:20 pm (UTC)
fuckin' a...
i never knew what anyone meant by that...this is a very strange entry even for you...but oh well...btw, i left you a fuckin' voice mail message on your fuckin' cell phone...it'd be fuckin' nice if you returned my fuckin' call...