Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


So... yesterday I put up a post that I was selling this bike that I have. I get a response that says something like "I'd really like to have a look at this bike. Where are you?"

So I repond "85th Street and 6th Ave NW in Seattle. My cell number is blahtiy blah blah blah."

He calls me at around 11PM last night. I give him my address and ask if he needs directions. He says to just give him my zip code so he can mapquest it. I give him the zip code, and some quick directions from I-5, and we hang up, agreeing to meet at my house at 9:30 in the morning.

So I get the bike out at 9:20, and then stand in the frikkin' driveway until 10. No show. I check my email. No email. I try his cell a couple of times and finally get him.

"Hi. This is Ray."
"Hi Ray. This is Steve. You were gonna come look at my bike this morning..."
"Yeah, after we got off the phone, I looked it up on Mapquest and decided it was too far..."
"What? So you're not coming?"
"I'm in Vancouver,WA. It'd be a long drive..."
"WHAT? Were you not familiar with SEATTLE? Did you not understand how far it was?"
"I didn't realize it was that far until I looked it up on Mapquest."
"Great. I would have appreciated a fucking call or an email to tell me you weren't coming, so I didn't stand in my fucking driveway for half an hour. Now I'm late for work!"
"Oh yeah... sorry about that."
"Fuck you, dude." *click*.

That guy can eat a big, festering, dick.
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