Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

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This blows.

I'm here at work on a SATURDAY. One of the most beautiful Saturdays I've seen all year. See for yourself:

 65°FFeels Like: N/A</font>
 UV Index:0 Minimal
 Wind:From the West Northwest at 9 mph
 Dew Point:40°F
 Humidity:40 %
 Barometer:30.19 inches and falling

Man this sucks so bad. I just wanna go out and ride my scooter, but I'm stuck in here testing this stupid busted ass product.

Sheba is sick. She was going to go camping with her horse, but she is home in bed ill. I wish I could bring her some soup or something. But noooooooo. I will be sitting in this chair all night documenting crashes. Crud.
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