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i'll miss you...

sometimes the way things work out sucks. everything seems to be going my way and working out just right for this insane schedule of events i'm on, but one very important detail got overlooked. i so regret letting that happen because now it's going to be a week until i can get back to it and even though there's a lot going on for the next week, this one detail is going to be the main thing on my mind. man i wish there was another day between wednesday and friday.

the elvis costello in store concert today was freaking amazing. through a rather fortunate combination of line positioning and alliances formed with other line waiters, i managed to get in pretty close to the front, so i stood 10 feet from the man while he played his new songs, accompanied by his various guitars (including a bitchin' danelectro) and a drum machine. simply amazing. even sitting alone on a small stage and playing a short 30 minute or so set, he can still move and connect with an entire crowd. i love what the guy does, and i wish i had the capacity for it myself.

i'm getting sick of the typical seattle concert crowds. people here are fucking obnoxious at concerts. why on earth would you wait in a line all damn day to see elvis costello if you were going to heckle him? yes, there were at least three people in the crowd who yelled stupid shit while he spoke. things like "yeah, yeah, just play the song already". what in the holy living fuck is that? it's not your cousin's garage band up there! it's elvis fucking costello! you don't tell him to "play the song already". you wait patiently until he's ready to play it and you shut the fuck up and enjoy it. and while you're at it, be glad he'll even perform in your presence, you stupid fuck.

this is not the first time these people have irritated me. let's talk about the cake performance at end fest last year. festival concert. cake is one of the main bands. the place is packed during their set. people in the crowd are throwing cd's (i guess someone gave out some promos) straight up in the air so they come down at full speed into the crowd. they're also throwing bottles and other shit that could really hurt people. not only that, but some people are throwing things at the band! why would you throw shit at the band? maybe my logic is fucked, but it seems to me that you only throw things at people you don't like. if you don't like cake, why on earth have you subjected yourself to being crammed into this small area with smelly sweaty people (a whole other aspect of the typical seattle crowd) where they are playing? why not go somewhere else? this shit doesn't make any sense to me.

seattle: hear me loud and clear. learn to act like fucking grownups at concerts or stay the hell home. it embarasses me to think about what these bands must think of seattle and if it must be a hard thing for them to decide if they even want to play here again. people weren't even this lame in phoenix. from now on, when i meet people from bands i like, i'm going to say, "hi. i'm steve. i live in seattle. i'm sorry most of the people who come see you play there are dicks. please don't hold it against us." i really feel obligated. it's like when you have to apologize profusely to your new girlfriend because your drunk friend bill keeps grabbing her ass. people, stop grabbing my favorite bands' asses. ah... that's probably a bad metaphor. you know what i mean though.

sheba: sweet, sweet dreams.
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