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Well... I'm about off to Amerivespa. I don't know why, but this rally has totally snuck up on me. I think I'm all packed and set to go, but I have a weird feeling...

I decided to take Red Bike, even though it was quite fussy in Victoria and it fouled a couple of plugs. Chris is going to take a look at it tomorrow and I'm pretty sure he can fix it. I hate this sense of limbo this close to go-time, but it'll be nice to take Red Bike to the rally.

Today has been mayhem (it's two in the freaking morning!). Work was all crazy. I've had a shit-ton of BigAssCustomer's problems sent my way and had to visit them twice. In fact, it seems like every time something goes wrong with BigAssCustomer, it comes to me. I don't think I mind... It's kind of cool being The Man. Although when nothing's getting fixed it feels more like I'm The Bitch. I almost had to go there tomorrow morning, which would have seriously messed with my flow. I gotta get outta the office by about noon, get over to Chris and Wendy's, get my bike and Todd's bike into the truck, and get the hell on the road before the mental patients all get out of the psych ward and on to the I-5.

After work, I went to see Chris about Red Bike and crisis was a-brewin' with the trailer for their bikes. So I hung out with them most of the evening and tried to remedy the situation, to no avail. They'll be renting a trailer from U-Haul or somewhere and hopefully that won't be too much of a pain in the ass. I finally got back here and started packing and getting my stuff ready around 11ish. I was supposed to call #123, but I literally never got the chance. I seem to be doing that to her a lot before these trips lately. I hope she does not kill me... or worse, glare at me. It would have been nice to see her for more than three minutes this week.

Bed... bed is an immediate necessity.

#123... I hope you have a great race. I will feel at ease knowing we're in the same state.
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