Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Coolest thing ever.

Ok... so last night, our Monkey meeting was at a restaurant called Kona Kitchen. The owner of the restaurant is an idol of vespaden and mine. He is, Yuji:

Ok... for those who don't recognize him right away, let me see if I can jog your memory. A mid-80's low budget comedy by the great Savage Steve Holland about a young man (John Cusack) so tied up in killing himself over his lost love, he fails to recognize the new love right next door.

No, the owner of the restaurant is not John Cusack. Stay with me here.

A scene in the aformentioned HILARIOUS film: Cusack's Lane Meyer pulls up to a light in his car, where he is met by two racing enthusiasts. One speaks no English at all. The other learned to speak it from watching Howard Cosell.

That's right, the owner of last night's restaurant was the guy who spoke Howard Cosell in Better Off Dead.

I'm floored, dudes. Floored.

Oh, he was also in Karate Kid 2 and a couple of the Crow movies.

UPDATE: He was also the nerdy asian dude in Real Genius!
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