Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

I got a question.

Ok... So if you remember, last week I was whining about this accident/insurance thing that's going on, where this dude backed in to me in the driveway. In speaking with his insurance company, it appears that they are going to try to assign some of the liability to me. I say balls to that, and I intend to tell them to stick it if they come after me.

My question is this: Let's say they decide I owe them $x (I don't know how much the damage is at this time) and let's say I believe I owe them $0, so I refuse to pay. Now let's say they decide they really really want it and they decide to try to get a collection agency on my ass or something. My question is this: Can my refusal to pay this alleged debt go on my credit report? Logic would say no, since this isn't a debt that I've agreed to. It's not like it's a loan or a line of credit that I've signed up to be responsible for. But, in the world of insurance agencies and credit reporting, logic does not always win. So does anyone out there KNOW FOR CERTAIN the answer. Please don't respond one way or the other if you *think* you know how it works, because I'm staking an otherwise stellar credit record on this and, depending on how much they think I owe them, I'm not really willing to ruin it over this, despite how much it burns my soul that they're trying to do this.

Yes, I realize that if they really want the money they can take me to court, and that's a whole other story.
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