Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show...

...and two Monkeys can turn the mutha out.

Yep. Me and Marc threw down mad soul last night at Kincora and most of you suckas missed it. Come on, people. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving. You were doing, umm.... nothing.

Anyway, props to shakespearssis, crankyisgood, and the supa fly imasage for coming out and rockin' with us.

I'm happy to report that I spun the majority of my set off 45's. If vespa142 were here, he'd be so proud. I still had the laptop with me, though, because there's just some stuff that I can't find on vinyl and my set can't live without it. I used it quite sparingly though, especially since the battery was about dead and the charger wasn't working. Such are the perils of modern technology.

Some guy kept going on and on about Al Green and how when he sings he "orgasms in his pants". Yep. The guy just kept swearing that Al orgasms in his pants. In the bathroom, while I raced to finish peeing before Clarence Carter finished singing "Snatching it Back" so I could start the next record, the dude cornered me again to talk about Al Green (he was really bummed that we wouldn't play him any). I made the mistake of saying "maybe he doesn't wear any pants when he records" and that about blew the guy's mind. I did manage to wrangle myself away and get back to the tables before the end of the record. Crisis averted.

I had an awesome time. Aside from the free beer and percentage of the bar's take, I had a blast spinning vinyl as opposed to using the laptop. It's just more fun that way.

I shall continue scouring eBay.

Today, we woke up around 11:30 to the dog screaming his guts out in his kennel. "Take me out!!! I gotta go boom boom!! I can't wait! Pleeeeeeasssee!!! Oh no! Here it comes!!! I can't hold it!!! AAAAAaauuuugh!" We got to him too late, but that's what the puppy pads are for. It was at that point that I realized I was supposed to be snowboarding with Mike and Katie. I checked my voicemail and found that they'd left around eight frikkin' thirty. That would have been way too early. I threw all my stuff together and hopped in the truck and met them on the mountain an hour and a half before closing. We managed to squeeze in three good runs (we were literally the last people down) and that was just enough for me. It'd been about two years since I rode, and I still haven't gotten used to my boots. They KILL my freaking arches. So three runs was plenty, even on the beginner slopes. We'll get nutty next time, I'm sure. I plan to go a lot this season.

Susie and I are checking out hotels in NYC (fisticuffs, we're probably gonna go with the one you recommended) and planning stuff to do. So far on the list: Coney Island (if it's open in February) for a hot dog and ride on the Cyclone, in that vomitously perilous order. Also, nice anniversary dinner, trip up in the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Broadway show, record shopping, and perhaps a couple of muggings. Oh, and we need to go to 5th Ave. and 22nd Street to see the big clock that's stuck on four of two. I'm sure we'll be thinking of more. We're watching a lot of Seinfeld and listening to a lot of They Might Be Giants.

It is now 9:30. I have the hiccups. Animal House is showing at the Egyptian at midnight. This has already been a weekend of excess and with today's reintroduction to Slamdancin' with the Snow, I could really use a night of leisure on the couch. With my girl. And my dog.

But, I might just have to go see Animal House cause hell... it's ANIMAL HOUSE.

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