Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

screw it

i'm not getting up at 8 in the morning to go ride my scooter around vashon island tomorrow. screw that noise. that's less than six hours from now. i gotta be sleeping in on my weekends, you know what i'm saying?

tonight was no. 13 baby at Chop Suey. it was my first time there since it ceased to be the Breakroom. it's a really cool joint now. a bit swank for the slightly aggro capitol hill crowd, but i like it a lot. they made the dance floor a lot more open and you can see the band from pretty much anywhere in the place. that is definitely a good thing.

during one of the opening bands, there was a fight outside and a guy put his arm through one of the big windows in front. he bled everywhere as he fled the scene. crazy. glad he didn't bleed on my scooter.

the band (no. 13 baby, that is) was amazing as usual. they know those songs so well and they put just enough of their own personality into them to keep them interesting. christine seemed to have a good time. she's a good show buddy.

someone was apparently pretty intent on irritating me for some reason. as far as i can see, it was totally unprovoked, but what the hell do i know? anyway, "someone" didn't succeed, and i'm just not going to concern myself with trying to figure out what the heck that was all about. phooey.

eris (white bike) is threatening some sort of mischievous prank. last couple of times i've had a friend on there with me, she's gotten all clunky and weird, like she's gonna quit running. she keeps going, but she seems to be trying to tell me she doesn't like my choice of company or something. did you ever see the movie Christine? it's kind of starting to feel like that. if i go downstairs tomorrow and the hole in the cowl is fixed, i'm selling her immediately.

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