Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Seething hatred

I am so fucking pissed. Blind with rage. Irritated to the point of wanting to destroy things and people. I just can't believe that it's the year 2004 and the leader of the free fucking world wants a constitutional amendment simply to quell his homophobic fear and ignorance. For fuck's sake, can't we just let people live? CAN'T WE LET PEOPLE BE HAPPY?

He keeps going on and on about how it's not right for "activist judges to use the courts to arbitrarily force their will on the people", but what the hell is HE doing? He's using the most blatant abuse of power I can think of to force HIS will on the people. Does he not understand that not everyone in this country is a conservative Christian homophobe?

I just can't believe this might happen. Talk about your shock and awe... I'm in both. The arguments against gay marriage are so fucking weak. Sanctity of marriage? Bullshit! Gays who commit to each other stay together as long or longer than straight couples. Certainly longer than American Christian's wholesome Britney "Savin' it 'til my weddin' day" Spears. Not to mention that they're more open and honest with each other sexually, so unlike the majority of straight couples, they're not cheating on each other as much to get what they really want.

What else do they have? The "slippery slope" argument? Fuck that. Legalizing alcohol didn't legalize heroin. Legalizing abortion didn't legalize murder (at least, in my opinion). Legalizing gay marriage isn't going to legalize anything else without the people having a say in it.

Religious arguments? You can shove those straight up your ass right now. My God says gays can get married and unless your God can kick my God's ass, then your argument is not valid.

Someone PLEASE give me one valid friggin' reason why gays should not be allowed to get married. Just one. Give me one really valid and acceptable reason why this HUGE group of people should be denied the rights of straight people.

I just can't believe it. With the war crumbling at his feet, a defecit the size of the next planet he wants to drill, more people without jobs than there have been in my life, can GWB really say that he's got nothing better to do than take another civil right, beat it up, and drag it through town behind his pickup?

Fuck you, Mr. "President". I hope one of your daughters turns out to be a lesbian, and the other one gets knocked up in the ghetto.
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