Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Crazy weekend. Spring Scoot. It didn't really pan out like it was supposed to. Most of the Monkeys were supposed to go down for a remote Monkey Meeting/BBQ at Simon's, but it ended up just being me, Andy, and Mike. Lame. Everyone else bagged out close to last minute. Super-Lame.

The rally itself didn't seem like it was all that well organized. The Saturday ride was obnoxiously long. It was about 30 minutes before the gas stop, and then over two hours before the next stop. I'm all for a nice long ride, but you should really try to give people a good idea of what they're getting in to. Had I known it was going to be like that, I wouldn't have taken the dog and girlfriend, and I would have ridden the Rally instead of Red Bike. The Saturday ride is usually a short run around town to various places, so we were expecting that. At the second stop, we were pretty beat (we'd gotten up at 5:30 in the morning so we could get to Portland in time to make the ride), so we bailed and headed back to town. Simon broke down on the way, and we had to take care of that before the BBQ at his house. That didn't leave us enough time to get to the rally BBQ that was going on, so we skipped that. And, since we skipped that, we skipped the Saturday night party, because there was no information about it on the itinerary. So we just hung out at Simon's for a while, eating and drinking, and then went to Dot's for some more drinks. That was good times.

The plan for Sunday was to sleep late and skip the ride. We didn't really feel like riding out to the Falls, so we had a nice leisurely breakfast, and then Simon took us on an awesome ride up Skyline. It was the right length, and we had beautiful scenery and weather. Yeah.

We were going to go say goodbye to everyone at the Edgefield after our ride, but Mike kept breaking down, so it took us forever to get back to Simon's. By that point, we were seriously beat, and we were still facing three hours home, so we just bagged it. Ah well... If there's one thing I've learned by now, it's that many of the times you go somewhere for a rally, the rally itself ends up being a very small part of the trip... and that's cool.

It was great to spend the weekend with Simon and family. His new daughter is about the cutest baby I've seen and is totally chill. She mainly just sits and marvels at her feet or her wooden spoon. Not much fuss at all.

It was also super fun watching Rudy spend the weekend hanging out with Paco. They became pals almost immediately, and Rudy just followed Paco everywhere. They ran around, wrestled, and stole each others' food. It was super cute. Rudy was totally worn out by the time we left yesterday. He was surprisingly well-behaved at Simon's too. He had no accidents inside, and he didn't chew up anything he wasn't supposed to. And, he was really nice to Paco, even when Paco stole Mr. Frog from him. We're proud of our little boy!

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend. One of my good friends from Arizona, Clay, is coming up for the weekend to hang out. I hope the weather holds, and we have some time to do some riding around and stuff. I gotta see if there are any good shows or other events worth going to...

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