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The Germans made it.

In three days, I'll be embarking on this motorcycle trip with a few friends:


Streets and Trips says the route is around 400 miles. Whew! That'll be the longest ride I've ever done on two wheels by far. I'm a little worried about the BMW being up for it, but I'm sure it is. It's a BMW. And I changed the oil. Wish me luck!

I'm excited for the ride. It'll be nice to just take a nice leisurly highway ride on my bike, and take in whatever beauty is out there as I buzz by, doing my part for global warming (think of it as a tribute to Ronnie). We're staying the night in some little town in the middle of nowhere, which should be pretty interesting. Gooood times.

I hope my bum holds up.


Jun. 10th, 2004 08:12 am (UTC)
I broke my clutch on my vespa..
finally got the thing registered and broke it the first day of riding.