Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


The flags have now been flying at half mast in tribute to Ronald Reagan for longer than they did in tribute to the thousands of people who died at the hands of the terrorists who Reagan himself helped empower and arm. When oh when will the American public scratch the funky silvery stuff off the lottery ticket of this Republican legacy and reveal the losing numbers they've been sold?

How fucking long are people going to "honor" the old prick?

In other news, I had a freaking blast this weekend on what is now known as the First Annual Ronald Reagan is Dead Ride. Pictures are here. It was a 450 mile ride around the Cascade Mountains. That's 450 miles on a not-so-comfortable seat on a motorcycle that's older than me. My ass hurt, my back was sore, and I got a bloody nose from all the dry air and altitude changes, but I saw some of the most beautiful scenery this state has to offer and rode on some of the curviest highway I've ever seen. I visited a rural German town and a rural old west town... on the same day. I drove over 100 miles per hour with a snowy, rocky mountain face to my right and a long, deadly drop off a cliff on my left, with the Ramones blaring in my earphones. I saw a giant Sasquatch carved with a chainsaw. I may be almost 30, but I still know how to live. Don't you forget it.

Update: I forgot to tell you one of the coolest parts. So, I'm rockin' the iRiver mp3 player, thanks to the testimonial of Mr. beatnikside and the thing kicks all kinds of ass, left and right. I used it for the entire trip. I charged the battery before leaving, and then I listened to it pretty much the whole time I was riding, which probably adds up to something like 10 hours. Then I listened to it on my rides to and from work yesterday and today, and for the last couple of hours at work. So we're probably right around 13 hours. The battery shows I have two bars left. It's MAGIC.

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