Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


By now, you know that the senate did not pass the measure to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. While that is fucking awesome, don't get too comfortable, because the religious zealots that make up about half of the senate are sure to try again and again to push their agenda on the public.

I like how they conceded before the vote even took place. "Yeah... We uh... knew it wouldn't pass... we just wanted to waste everyone's time and stuff. We'll be back with one that WILL pass, and then all you homos are screwed! No wait... not screwed. We don't want you to screw... That makes us nervous because we're afraid that if you screw, then we might have to admit that the book we spend all our time worshipping is bullshit."

Bigots. All of them.
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