Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

And by the way...

...can someone please explain to me why Kerry and Edwards weren't present at the vote? I mean, I'm still voting for them because, well... you know, but fuck. BAD SENATOR! BAD! NO SNOWBOARD!

UPDATE: Nevermind. I get it now. I'm a little new at this "understanding what the fuck the government is doing."

Here's how I see it: It was wise for them to skip the procedural voting, because they are able to avoid going on record against the amendment, so election-wise, their opponents can't try to sway people with some commercial that says, "Kerry and Edwards love homos. A vote for them is a vote for homos." Had the measure not died, and the actual vote for the amendment taken place, then I suppose Kerry and Edwards would actually show up.

So, to recap: Doing this now wasn't really about trying to amend the constitution. This was basically the republicans way of a)distracting us from real issues and b)trying to make Kerry go on record as pro-homo so you'd hate him.

Fuck you guys. I'm still very much aware that you lied to us so you could go to war, you fucked up the budget, you're trashing the environment, and you still haven't done dick to protect us from terrorists. And, even if Kerry was ON TV BLOWING EDWARDS, I'd still vote for them, because it's ok by me.

Common Sense: 2 - Republicans: 0

What else ya got, you wrinkly old white klansmen?
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