Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Tracks #6 and #7

Yeah.. so I slacked off yesterday and didn't post a track for you. Sorry about that. I don't think anyone's actually downloading these anyway, so I don't feel too bad about it... It's all about ME baby! Anyway, on with the tracks.

Track #6 is "I Have a Date" by the Vandals. Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago, I met the girl who would turn out to be the girl o' my dreams, right here on LiveJournal. Somehow, over Instant Messenger no less, I convinced her to go out with me and, due to several mishaps I'd had in recent history, I made it clear that this was to be, in no uncertain terms, a date. Whew. That was one of my long run on sentences with a ton of commas that I know annoys the shit out of all you grammar nerds. Anyway, I was so damn excited. Susie seemed (and turned out to be) super cool, and a lot like me. Anyway, as I'm getting ready (hours before the actual date), I've got mp3s on random and this song comes on. I think I restarted it like seven times and just jumped around my apartment in my boxers, teen movie stylee, singing along loudly and rockin' out. My downstairs neighbor at the time was Josh Feit, news editor from the Stranger, and I was constantly gettin' on his nerves with my loud bass playing and late night gatherings and whatnot, but I got no complaint from him on this occasion. It's like he knew that the stars were lining up for me, and didn't want to fuck with my flow. So, thank you Vandals, thank you Josh Feit from the Stranger, and thank you Susie, for the best first date ever!

Track #7, on a somewhat less spiritual level, is "Dear God" by XTC. XTC comes pretty close to summing up my thoughts on organized religion. I guess I could go on and on about what a weird and interesting band XTC were, but I don't really need to. They could be the biggest nerds in the world and this song would still kick ass.

That's it for tonight, suckas. I'm off to fisticuffs' super lucky happy terrific birthday extravaganza to make good on my promise. Tomorrow, it's off to Portland for the Hell's Belles rally (which means another night that I won't be posting a song for you). Enjoy your weekend, suckers.
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