Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Check me out!!

Once again I prepare for a bout with massive fame, thanks to the most eloquent beatnikside.

Monkey Run was freaking awesome this year! Seriously one of the best ever. All of the planning came together quite nicely and it seems like people had a great time. Pictures are here and more will probably show up here.

The wedding ceremony went off somewhat smoothly. I was pretty nervous. I broke my vow to not drink or anything before the ceremony, and downed a 40 of PBR while waiting to do it. That took a bit too much of the edge off, but people say I did fine. The whole thing is kind of blur to me. I hope I didn't bury my face too much in my speech or not make enough eye contact. I hope my cadence wasn't awkward and I hope my fly was zipped up.

Wow. Two people are married because I said so. That's weird.
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