Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


Sometimes being a liberal isn't about presenting the other guys with actual FACTS and valid, logical arguments against the right-wing, fundamentalist, God-fearin' rights slaughter that's running rampant here in the homeland today. Sometimes it isn't about trying to convince people to think about the future of their children, of the planet, or of international relations. Sometimes, being what I am isn't even about looking at our guy and trying to put a little positive faith behind his ability to do a better job.

Sometimes, it's about stooping to their level with a little good old fashioned name calling and mud-slingin' and of course... this we do better at as well.

With that, I give you NOFX's Idiot Son of an Asshole.

Those NOFX punks are some nice boys who write a catchy tune.
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