Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Run and duck

The news can't fucking wait for the 1,000th U.S. soldier to be killed. They're dying for it. Every 30 seconds or so they mention that we're at 999. It's on the ticker every few seconds too. I'm sure there are like six network heads cluttered around a monitor somewhere going "Come oooooon! Come ooooooooooon 1000!! Come on baby!! Come oooooooonnnnnn!!!!" Idiots.

I'm sitting in the living room waiting for Susie's new super-fly flat panel monitor to come via UPS. It's part of our new "never leaving the bedroom" setup which includes DirecTV, DVDs, and downloaded movies in the bedroom. Sweet.

We rearranged furniture all weekend, in between me having to work pretty much constantly. Our living room, is so fly now. We're really happy with the way it's set up now. There's a lot more room, and there are no speaker cables exposed for puppies who like to eat them. The dining room now has a somewhat proper fancy eatin' table, with three chairs that all look alike. There are shelves for all of our stuff, and all of Rudy's stuff too. Our bedroom is now home to a gigantic 8 foot tall wardrobe with a bar for hanging stuff, a compartmentalized drawer for all my junk, and a pants rack. It's so fly. If I hadn't drowned my camera last weekend, I'd show you, because it's badass. It just barely fits in our room with about two inches to spare at the top. We had to build it upright, which was no easy task. It's a good thing Susie thought to do that though, or I would have been cursing and breaking things well in to the night.

Ikea totally got us, man. We went to that place on Saturday afternoon (about five times crazier than a normal Saturday afternoon, I might add) and shøpped our guts out. We were thinking we'd go and just have a look at tables and see what there was. We came home with a table (super-cheap), three chairs (also cheap), a small table for our living room, the gigantic wardrobe, a metal shoe rack (as the wooden one was found quite palatable by Rudy), and various other accoutrements. Insanity. Of course I couldn't wait to put it all together, so we were up all night.

Last night, we saw Garden State. Awesome awesome awesome freakin' movie. Go see it. It isn't particularly about New Jersey, but there are certainly a lot of funny reminders of the mother land.
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