Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Almost dammit.

So... I'm walking along with Kaia to her truck, because we have to go over to where her wedding reception is so I can see if the wi-fi connection in the banquet hall is any good so I'll know if I can spin songs off Rhapsody during the reception... you know? Anyway, we're walking along and all of a sudden, my right foot slides about 10 inches forward, quite rapidly. I catch myself and avoid falling. Kaia and I both go, "Whoa!" and at the same time yelp with disgust at what I slipped on. You guessed it: dogshit. A huge pile right there on the fucking sidewalk! I was laughing my ass off at the fact that I just slid on dogshit, but then you know what occurred to me? Well... I'll tell you. It occurred to me that sometimes there is a very fine line between things making me laugh my ass off and things sending me into a violent rage. This is a good example. I didn't fall, so it was hilarious. Had I fallen, not only would I have suffered some sort of pain and/or humiliation, but I most certainly would have ended up sitting in the aforementioned dogshit, and I most definitely would have broken my laptop. AND, there wouldn't be anyone around for me to even blame. Oh man... I can't even beging to fathom how fucking mad I would have been if it would have turned out that way. I'd probably become some sort of dogshit vigilante, roaming the streets of the city at night, quietly stalking people who don't clean up after their dogs, and attacking them with dogshit... or perhaps a mace. You don't see a lot of vigalantes carrying a mace. It's such a cool weapon.

Anyway, for those keeping score, that's the second post in just under a week that involved me having an altercation with animal crap.

In other exciting news, I just booked my flight to Arizona for the Tucson-Nogales scooter rally, for the NINTH YEAR in a row!

Well, this is only the fifth year in a row that I've had to book a flight for it, but you get the point.

Tomorrow is Otis and Steve's Disc Golf Scooter Tour. 54 holes on three different courses around town, with a good 60 miles or so of scooter riding between them. I hope it doesn't pour down rain on us.
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