Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Scaaaaaaaaaary stuff kids!

Step right up, boys and girls... Behold, the atrocities of Rudy's House of Horrors!!!

This here was a talking Taco Bell dog. He sort of still talks.
Actually, it's more MOANS OF PAIN. His eyes and nose have been
removed in a systematic torture method known only to Rudy.

On to Rudy's "best friend", Mr. Frog. If this is the way
he treats his bests friend, imagine how he treats his worst
enemies! Mr. Frog used to be able to see, but he is now blind.
Also note that his stomach has been ripped open, and his guts
are about to fall out.

This is Kam and he is Rudy's BITCH. He gets his ass kicked
on a regular basis. His eyes have been ripped out, his nose is
gone, he's lost an ear, and he's about to lose another. His toes
have been ripped, and there's a big tear in the flesh on his
back, from whence his white cotton guts are beginning to ooze.

Another Taco Bell dog. The Christmas version. Apparently,
our dog is quite the Scrooge, because he loves to kill the shit
out of this little feller. Injury not pictured: tail ripped off
in a flailing display of rage.

How does he sleep at night?
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