Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Lemme tell ya

I just ordered the FLYEST camera that the internet had.

Ok... maybe not the absolute flyest, but it's pretty super badass. It's teeny tiny (I'm worried I might accidentally swallow it), yet it still has manual shutter and aperture modes, and FIVE X OPTICAL ZOOM. Unheard of, that. Bonus points for the fact that it uses an SD card for media, so once it's here, I'll have all the technology at my fingertips to snap a picture of Sasquatch in the woods, pop the camera in to my Pocket PC phone, and post it to LiveJournal, all within about 30 seconds, provided I have decent cell coverage. That, my friends, is some seriously deep dish techno-wankability.

I also ordered me a big ass SD card which with a shady program I found on the internet can be made to store up to 8 DVDs for watching on the aforementioned Pocket PC phone while on planes and stuff. Gooooooaaaaal!

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