Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Awwwww hell yeah!

Can I get a w00t! w00t!! ?

I asked my good friend at Fender to see if there's a cheap crappy bass lying around somewhere that he could score me for cheap. I've been leaving my Bullet at the practice studio, so I need something for playing at home. He replied with this:

How about a fretless Squier Jazz Bass for $50. Black with a touch of sparkle
finish, white pickguard and a rosewood fingerboard. It was a sample from the
factory. It's not a true fretless since there are still frets only they are
flush with the fingerboard. A fretless bass with training wheels. It sounds

But if you don't want it, no problem. I'll add it to my collection.

Ummm.... HELL YEAH!

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