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up all night...

I'm in like the tenth hour of a full on geek-fest. I bought a bunch of stuff from Schenkey (co-worker) today. First, I got a supah-fly board, cpu, memory, and case so I could upgrade the DamnDirtyDataCenter[tm]. The CPU is about four times faster now and there's about three times as much memory. These are good things.

Migration to the new machine didn't go well at all. I struggled with it for a while, and then gave up and went over to Schenkey's. We put a network adapter in my TiVo, so now I can pull shows off it over the network. I can also login to it over the web and tell it to record stuff for me. This is UBERGEEKY, but still might come in handy. Plus it's kind of cool to know that my household appliances are on the internet and I can visit them whenever I want.

The cool thing about being able to get into TiVo is that I can pull stuff off there and burn it on to DVD, because I went in on a DVD burner with Schenkey. This may or may not prove useful, depending on if this insane geek-a-thon continues or not. To go along with the DVD stuff, I also added a DVD drive to my computer. So now I can (theoretically) copy DVDs. Awww yeah. Oh, and just for good measure, I threw an additional 40 gig hard drive in. Not really sure what to do with all that space yet.

So, I got home around midnight and started the long and hellish process of getting the DamnDirtyServer working in this new machine. It was many long hours of intense hell, but it seems to have finally been beaten into submission, as I'm writing this on it now. The only thing that sucks is the sound isn't working yet, but I think I can fix it.

So tired. By nature, I seem to like toiling away at projects that I start until they are all the way finished. I don't like stopping in the middle and picking it up later. I'm also instant gratification's bitch, which means that having a bunch of shiny new computer stuff in the living room without it being hooked up and working is pretty much out of the question. So, that's why I've been up all night torturing myself.

The upside is that the TV's been on VH1 all night and they've been showing lots of cool stuff from the 60's through the 80's. Unfortunately, it also seems to be a "Robert Plant Weekend". Why the fuck didn't anyone warn me about that? Anyway, they've been showing interviews and videos and stuff of his a lot. Right now he's bastardizing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Someone ought to push him down, cut off his girly frizzy hair, bitch-slap him, and then take a dump on his chest. Ass.

Must go to bed.


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Jul. 13th, 2002 06:01 am (UTC)
ah...the tenacity to finish what you start until your brain is fried comes from paternal dna...and that's very good thing...keep on keepin' on!!!
Jul. 13th, 2002 07:58 pm (UTC)
AnonyFletch: Green w/ Envy
[note: I claim the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy icon as my anonypersona by which therefore you shall know me is me.]

I the dazzle of all this technogeekery & tanatilizingtoytales, I think I just produced chlorphyl.

Which must mean I'm ither I'm turning into more of plant (as in shrub, not Zep leadman turned sissy) or I'm excessively envious.

Jul. 13th, 2002 08:00 pm (UTC)
Re: AnonyFletch: Green w/ Envy
chlorphyl in bloodstream seems to be seriously screwing w/ ability to type..
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