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Waiting in line at Guild 45th for preview of Primer. Things I've noted so far:

- couple in front of me talking about how they got a bigger house because they have so much furniture.

- occupants of passing car yell, "MOVIES SUCK" at the line

- blue P200 rides by. Bush/Cheney sticker on cowl.

- dude with homemade "vote for Pedro" shirt. I scoff at his attempt to be cool (he's equivalent to the guy at a concert wearing the t-shirt of the band) while wishing I'd thought of it first.

Oh, Seattle... So wacky are you.


Oct. 17th, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC)
Re: At a loss for words
First I don't support the Bush administration. I also really don't find anything to like about the Republican or Democratic parties as they are today. If anything I am Libertarian. I really don't identify with either of the big two parties.

Second, In Seattle, most people tend to drive SUVs and it is a Democratic stronghold, soooooo, therefore a lot of Democrats drive SUVs.

As for the flexing, I was being an ass in response to what I thought was an ass comment. I was making some broad comments in response to a broad generalization about somebody having a Bush/Cheney sticker on their Vespa. I think having a Kerry/Edwards sticker on any vehicle is just as ridiculous. I have nothing against KZ, just against a generalization about scooterists.