January 25th, 2002



Hellish week at work. Millions of performance tests. And, Scott, who spent the entire day talking about himself in the third person (which gets old really quick) assigned some configuration passes for me to do... so for the 20 minutes that I wasn't completely buried in perf., I was still chained to my desk. Fucking sucked.

I went to Magnolia Hi-Fi and bought all the stuff to replace my stolen car stereo equipment. Everything's all paid for now and I still have some money left from the insurance checks, so that's pretty cool. Perhaps I will spend it on additional security devices to prevent my shit from getting jacked again by those motherfuckers. Now I just wish all this stuff would get installed so I could stop singing random songs to myself in the truck.

I got a very interesting phone call a little while ago. I can't go in to too much detail about it, because the person who called may or may not read this site. Let's just say that my evening might get really interesting...
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I hate Seattle Drivers

You know what? When you hit the brakes, those red lights on the back of the car come on, and they indicate to the people behind you that you're stopping. So if you just hit those at random all the time, without actually stopping, or really even slowing down, it makes the people behind you wonder WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING. Then, eventually, the people behind you decide (rightfully so) that you're ON CRACK. And then, when you hit the brakes and actually do slow down or stop, it scares the shit out of the people behind you, because now they're up your ass all of a sudden (probably because you're doing the GOD DAMN SPEED LIMIT AGAIN, YOU OLD LADY!). God this drives me out of my fucking mind.

So... today's lesson is: Quit riding the brakes so much, you freaking lunatic.
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