March 1st, 2002


Random Friday Nonsense....

I'm not working today. Well... Technically I'm working, because I'm at work at an hour when I would otherwise be sleeping, but I don't really see myself doing any actual work today. I had some planned for this morning, but it pretty much fell through. I didn't really have a backup plan or anything, so this is pretty much it. Sometimes, not working takes a bit more energy than actually working.

I've played two games of Time Pilot in the breakroom so far this morning. This is way too many, because Time Pilot is HARD, and it makes my shoulder hurt. After Time Pilot, I ate some cookies and read email. My friend Melissa, who has a way more interesting life than I do these days, sent a huge email about what she's been up to for the last month or so. She's in L.A. associating with various L.A. types and still hoping to run into her "one true love" Edward Norton. I wish her luck and hope that happens, because Ed Norton is a badass.

Well... time to go goof off for a while, and then I gotta get to lunch, so I can get back in time to leave early. Whew! Exhausting, I tell ya.