March 15th, 2002



Well... I just got in an accident. I was coming home from Ozzie's (completely sober) and was about two blocks away from home on John Street heading up the hill. The car in front of me signalled right, then started to go to the right. So I started to go around her on the left. Then she decided to turn left. It sucks when that happens.

I slammed on the brakes and started to slide, and I pretty much knew right away I was going to hit her. So I leaned it to the left to get the slightest angle I could. I hit her just behind the driver's side door. I think by the time I hit I must have been doing about 30 or so.

I felt my body slam up against the car and bounce back towards the bike. She kept going through the turn, which left me sort of doing the rodeo thing on the bike. It eventually got out from under me and I went down on my right shoulder. The momentum made me flip over and land on my back.

I looked up at the cloudy night sky. I was alive. And I was in one piece. My bike lay on its side, still running... sort of. I stood up as the bike died and picked it up. I somehow found the presence of mind to turn the lights off so the battery wouldn't die. Man, the '74 Rally makes you paranoid about that sort of thing. I got the bike off the road as the girl who hit me came running up to me, practically in tears. I told her I was ok, and made sure she and her friend were ok too. She felt really bad and totally admitted it was her fault, which definitely doesn't suck. She seemed really nice and genuinely sorry. I'm glad she hit me instead of some dickhead who thinks I don't belong on the road.

I'm pretty much ok. My shoulder is a bit sore, and there's a little skin missing from my leg, and I think my whole body is going to feel mangled in the morning, but there's not much visible damage. I had all my tough guy biker gear on and that totally saved my ass tonight. As for the bike: she's lucky I was riding the Rally tonight. It went down on the engine side, which was already pretty knackered up so the damage was minimal. I did lose the arm off the little chrome lady that was on the front fender though. Other than that, I just had to pull the cowl away from the engine and I was pretty much good to go. Not much harm there. Man I'm glad I wasn't riding Red Bike.

Well, once again I've cheated death. Mom, don't worry about me. I'm in one piece and I'll be ok. Fucking Seattle drivers, man.