April 2nd, 2002


Better days...

Well... I suppose that last entry was kind of a downer. I'm much better now. Did some much needed drinking and bullshitting with the Monkeys last night, with special guest star XTine.

Tonight I got to catch the Mariners/Chicago game from some pretty great seats... Great (albeit LONG) game. And I had a good time hangin' with my boy Chris, who invited me to be in his wedding next year. Sweet.

Still not sure about this weekend yet, but I'm starting to lean towards staying in town. But then, I am rather flaky...

Mom - I'm fine... Miss you too.. Gimme a call this weekend.

Oh... One other thing. I need to find a Domokun doll. Anyone who sends me a decent Domokun doll gets their picture on my site. I'm not sure for how long, but it'll be up there.
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    Lee Press On and the Nails - Big Pants Dance