May 25th, 2002


Bad, bad show...

Me: Dude, you're not the only one here, quit fucking running into people or you're gonna get hurt.
Obnoxious Bouncy Dork: Have a good time!
Me: Yeah... Have a good time, but don't fuck with the people around you
OBD: Have a good time!

OBD's girlfriend spent most of the rest of the show guiding her dumbass boyfriend's undulating and rhythmless body away from the vicinity of Liz and myself, so as to not incite me to throttle him.

There are a lot of idiots at shows lately. People have no respect for the other people around them. It's one thing to flop about like a sick flounder on a pier... but if your mindless flailing causes you to run into other people repeatedly, to the point where you're knocking them off their balance and they're having to pay more attention to you than the performer, then it's time for you to get the fuck away from me. Jackass.

One thing that bugs me is that I actually feel embarassed for these people. Like it's some kind of poor reflection on me that I'm even in the same room with such a moron, trying to enjoy the same band. It certainly is an odd feeling.

Unfortunately, OBD wasn't the worst part of the Frank Black show tonight. It was actually Frank Black's set. Oh man... He must have gone through all of his songs and picked out about the 14 most boring ones. Then he threw in a couple of Pixies songs, which were great, a really bad version of a song he used to cover really well, and one or two of his songs that I've always deemed "decent". He did one song for an encore, but he might as well have saved it, because it sounded like all the other ones, and was pretty boring. Overall, worst Frank Black show I've ever seen.

I don't get it. Last year when he was here it was like one of the best Frank Black shows I've ever seen. He played totally different songs, and about 1/3 of the set was Pixies stuff. It fucking rocked. This year: totally different. Ah well.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Sam's Club with Liz to purchase food in massive quantities. Five gallon jar of peanut butter: check. 24 pack of macaroni and cheese: check. 22 lb. cheese wheel: check. Enormous can of chocolate pudding: checkity check!

I don't know why I get all this stuff. It usually goes bad. I'll open that big can of pudding thinking I'm gonna put it to bed like the same night, because I loves me some freakin' pudding. But, the reality will be that I'll just scrape off the top half inch or so and I'll be sick of pudding for three years. Too bad I don't work in a high school cafeteria or something. Then I would get all the fun of opening the big can of pudding and eating it until I couldn't stand anymore, but the rest wouldn't go to waste. Hmmmm... maybe there's some sort of mischevious deed I can do with all the extra pudding.

Anyway... as I was saying... Bulk foods are pretty rad, but I never finish the stuff. One time, I bought like a 24 pack of corn dogs. I was totally excited because I had a big jones for corn dogs around then. I ate about 12 of the corn dogs. After that, I didn't want anymore god damn corn dogs. I changed addresses probably 4 times and took the remainder of those things with me before I finally gave up and threw them out. It took a few years before me and corn dogs became buddies again.

Man, I love corn dogs.