June 6th, 2002


So childish...

A co-worker just asked me if I could "poke around in the GAL". The GAL is the Global Address List, so it was a very legitimate work-related thing. But still, the phrase "poke around in the GAL" made me laugh and laugh. It's amazing that some people consider me a grown-up.

I'm the champ!

Here is a picture of me winning the final heat of the Slow Race at Amerivespa 2002:

I'm on the older bike (1959 VBA named "Red Bike") in the background. It looks like I'm losing, but I'm not.

Bye Dee Dee

Not a very good year to be a Ramone. Guess I won't be going to see him next week. Ah well, at least he went out like a rock star.
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    Ramones - Pinhead