June 11th, 2002


Danger! Danger!

Well... I'm thinking about DRIVING TO DENVER for Mile High Mayhem. Yeah... I know... Another 2800 mile road trip probably isn't the best idea. To be honest, I still haven't scraped the gummy bears off the rear view mirror from the Vegas trip. But Mayhem sounds like a damn good time and I've always wanted to go. I don't really know anyone there, so I'd need to bring my own scooter, so trucking is pretty much the answer. Plus, I like a good road trip.

I figure I'll go to the Belle's rally in Portland the weekend before, hang in Portland an extra day or so, and then take a couple of days to drive to Denver. That would get me there in time for the early festivities. Then it's just a couple days back to Seattle just in time for my birthday, on which day probably nothing exciting will really happen, but that'll be ok, cause I'll be all worn out.

It's an interesting prospect... I gotta think about it some more I guess.
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