July 8th, 2002



Whew... So many thoughts for someone today, but they don't all come out. I probably shouldn't be allowed to communicate with people unsupervised.
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    The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow

yeeeeeeeah boyeeeee

I'm watching a Public Enemy concert on the telly. Flava Flav is now 40 years old. And he still wears his hat sideways. And he's got some big old pants on. That's pretty cool. He looks tired though. And Chuck D just yelled at him for goofing around. Poor Flav. Always having to carry that big ass clock around his neck. Damn.

Some friends are building a cool ass site. It's like a journal of the Seattle indie scene. Check it out:

Three Imaginary Girls

I'm doing all the dev and database work on it. It's cool to be working on a site that people will actually visit. Neato.
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    Public Enemy - Don't Believe the Hype