July 9th, 2002


People make me fucking sick.

Seriously... Human nature is not all it's cracked up to be. You watch TV and you hear all these "hero stories" about how someone risked their life to save someone else. What fucking bullshit. For every one of those stories, I'm betting that there are at least ten other stories about how some fucking scumbag risked or ended someone else's life just so they wouldn't take a fall, lose some money, get busted, or even look stupid.

Friday night, a scooterist and his girlfriend were heading home from some rally events. They were hit by a drunk driver. The girlfriend, miraculously, is ok. The guy is not. He's in the hospital. He has numerous heinous injuries which I don't need to go into here. I just got an email that his condition is most likely getting worse. Not better. Also in the email was the information that the guy that hit them tried to flee the scene on foot. Fortunately, he was caught. Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that he won't get what he deserves.

This is not, by any stretch, the first (or second, or even third) incident I've heard of where a scooter has been hit and the person has taken off.

How in the holy living fuck can someone do this? How can you take off, not even knowing if you've actually KILLED someone??? It totally blows my mind. Those who know me know that I generally do not like people. Most people, in normal situations, seem to like (or at least pretend to like) their fellow man way more than I do. Yet, even I can't even remotely fathom thinking for a split second about leaving someone for dead like that.

In one incident, a friend of mine was hit in downtown Phoenix. The guy tried to take off. He dragged her and her bike for 1/4 of a mile before she managed to free herself. Shortly after that, he stopped. Badly injured, she breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the guy had finally come to his senses and was stopping to help. No. He was stopping to get what remained of her bike unlodged from the front of his car so that he could keep going. She came REALLY close to dying that night and he knew it well. He looked right at her lying in the street. He had plenty of time to consider his options. He chose to leave.

Whatever happens to these people in the legal system is, in my opinion, not enough. If your actions demonstrate such a clear disregard for someone's life that you just ruined, then yours should be ruined as well. From now on, I'm going vigilante on these people. The next person who hits one of my friends and tries to get away with it is going to meet the shiny chrome bumper of a Nissan Frontier at about 35 miles per hour. Ever see the movie Christine? When the car cornered that thug against a wall and then bisected him, width-ways?