July 14th, 2002


In case you were wondering...

Steve likes girls who:
Ride scooters, laugh in the face of danger, drink whiskey, wear really tall (go-go) boots, hate clowns, listen to much of the same music as him (bonus points if music existed before they were born), drive trucks, like to see lots and lots of movies, like to stay up late (even on a school night), enjoy gambling, wear glasses (bonus points if they're from the "Buddy Holly Collection"), think it's totally reasonable to drive or fly across the country for a concert, drive a stick, have visible tattoos, use the word "dude", bowl, have smartass comments, take pictures, understand why you'd name a child Elvis, dance for long periods of time, like dogs, know more about something interesting than I do.
  • Current Music
    Pixies - No. 13 Baby