July 18th, 2002


I met a dog named Jackson.

My friend Janel from Southern California is touring the country in a vintage Airstream RV for her job. Rough life, eh? Go here and click on the Stream of Consciousness tour to see what she's doing.

I met Janel briefly at Scooter Rage but we didn't hang out much. We've talked online a bit before, but not really that much. Last night I drove down to Kent where she had the Airstream parked and we hung out for a few hours with her dog Jackson (a frighteningly cute Jack Russell terrier). I didn't realize it before, but Janel is quite an amazing character. Very cool, with lots and lots of soul, appreciation for the same kinds of art and music as me (as well as a great artist herself), and a lot of the same general views on life as I have. It was really great to hang out with her. She's going to become a really good friend.

Today, Janel took a bus into Seattle. I picked her up downtown, showed her Roq La Rue gallery, and then I had to head back to the office. I put Eris in her hands and let her experience Seattle for the first time the way everyone should -- from scooterback. She had herself a great time, just checking out the town. I sent her to Archie McPhee's, where she lost control and bought like $150 worth of stuff. She had a blast and it felt really good to have done that simple favor for my new friend. Hearing of her adventures sort of renewed my appreciation for my town, which is really cool. I've been kind of down on Seattle lately for various reasons, but today I'm reminded how great a town it actually is. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna get outta here one of these days, but I'm definitely back on the opinion that it's pretty good interim place to be spending my time until I finally move to San Francisco.

Nelly and I had dinner and then I took her back to the Airstream and bid her and Jackson goodbye. I'm really glad I took the time to meet up with her and spend some time.

Even though I had an intensely shitty day at work, I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment.

I should stop gushing about Janel now, lest I come off as being in love with her. It's just really cool when you meet someone that you're so in tune with.

I'm off now to the Twilight Room to drink some layoff drinks with DamnMonkeyWendy.
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