July 21st, 2002


so... sleepy....

such an eventful weekend. too tired for capital letters. well... maybe just One. whew! that almost killed me.

thursday and friday were hell at work. i knew i'd have to get out of work early on friday to beat the traffic and get down to portland in time to go see they might be giants with simon and wendy. but, there was no chance of leaving early until we finished up qa on release. we finally wrapped it up, admittedly not bug free, around one in the afternoon and i bolted for the door. some day, i'll draw a graph depicting the inverse proportions of my work ethic vs. my need to get the fuck out of the office and out to a scooter rally/concert weekend.

i hit the road around two and immediately got stuck in hell traffic. what the hell is it with this town? there is no good time of day to be on that stinking freeway headed south, especially on a friday. i can't even fathom how bad it must have been at 5.

i stopped in olympia to see janel one more time on my way down. it was kind of fun watching her do her job. in a lot of ways, she's a lucky girl. some hitchiker guy with really really obscenely chapped lips tried to talk her into letting him ride with her, and then bummed some dogfood off her. he was nice enough, but i still wanted him to leave her alone. note to scary individuals: i'm kind of protective of my friends.

after olympia, traffic cleared up and i got to portland pretty quick. i met up with simon and wendy, we had drinks and then got to the venue for the show. they might be giants played an outstanding set, as always. it made me jump up and down until my knees hurt. i'm not at all thrilled with this whole "getting old" thing. we sang "in the middle in the middle in the middle" for the rest of the weekend.

the rally was great as usual, too. there was very little in the way of seattle attendance, with the notable exception of myself and two other monkeys (chris and wendy - whatup!), and one other small appearance by another seattle scooter chick. the rides and parties were a lot of fun. thanks to saturday's pajama party, i now own a set of pj's with punchy (the hawaiian punch guy) on them. yeah. me and simon won some good stuff from the raffle. between the two of us, we got a swatch, some tires (with tubes), a couple of toys, a monkeypack[tm], shirts, a gift certificate for something or other, some oil (of course), and some other stuff i can't remember. most of that ended up going to simon. he actually didn't stick around for the raffle, so he left me with his tickets. needless to say the whole rally was giving me a lot of shit because it looked like i was winning everything. wendy was drunk.

today's ride was a lot of fun. miles and miles of twisty roads. it was a bit warm out, but certainly bearable. reminded me of the arizona days, actually. me and a few others talked about plans to get people from up here down for tucson-nogales. oh so sweet if i can get one of my bikes down there to ride, instead of having to borrow something. aaaaah.

i left portland around 5:30. i got stuck in super-duper-suck-a-licious hell traffic coming home. a little bit of construction and one lane closed and all traffic literally fucking STOPS. i hate driving in this state. you know that. let's just move on.

i'm a bit out of sorts these days. forces of evil, which are beyond my control, are working against me. they want to foil me. they want to steal my flavor. they want to stop the unbridled giddiness with which i perpetually shake the booty of life. these forces... they're no good. they put things beyond my reach.

i know what you're saying. nothing should be beyond my reach. at least, that's what i'm saying. sometimes it is though, and changing things around so that i can reach the previously unreachable entity usually results in me falling off a stool and cracking my head open or something. this metaphor is out of control. let's move on.

anyway, these forces appear to be winning, and are fucking up my generally happy and calm zen-like philosophy of "all that i desire will be mine" (see also: all for steve). i'm not happy about it, but i'm powerless to change it, so i must deal. it sort of pisses me off when things don't go the way i want them to. stupid evil forces. after all i did for them! *crosses "evil forces" off christmas card list*

i'm insane with hunger now and this entry has begun spiralling into something that could probably get me sent away. i should just post it and be done.

one more thing i forgot to talk about: i shared a very personal and poignant story with janel the other night about a deeply disturbing childhood experience involving a bug-zapper. i hadn't thought about said incident since i was a wee lad, but remembering it and writing it down in her journal reminded me of just what a weird kid i was. glad i turned out so normal and well adjusted!