August 23rd, 2002


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User Number: 449307
Date Created:2002-01-24
Number of Posts: 104

Navigating the idiot-packed streets of Seattle, atop his trusty scooter, Vespa59 searches relentlessly for some shit to fuck up, or some booty that need pleasin'.
Strengths: Super-intelligence; devastatingly good looks; pleasant aroma (results may vary). Addicted to NOTHING.
Weaknesses: The knees; cute redheads with scooter shops.
Special Skills: Rocking. Hard; calling bullshit from 50 feet away; karaoke super-star; eatin' fire; riding stupid-fast; smitin' muthafuckas that need to be smote.
Weapons: See these hands? These hands are registered as lethal weapons.
Philosophy: An object at rock tends to stay at rock.

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