September 23rd, 2002


Holy fucking sheep dip

Yeah... so... there was THIS:

Actually, it's not as cool as it looks. Some of those songs were left out of the encore. Most notably, Radio Radio, Alison, and Chelsea. Well... you can't expect the man to play all night. Even without those songs, it was like a 2 and a half hour set. Simply freaking amazing. Look! He played The Other Side of Summer!!! One of my most favorite Elvis Costello songs in existence, and one I NEVER thought I'd hear live. The version of Episode of Blonde, another one of my most favorites, was also played tonight and simply fucking wailed. Man it was awesome. The whole show just fucking rocked. I'm exhausted. I have been rocked until I could be rocked no further. And then I was rocked some more. Thank you, Elvis. And thanks, Xtini for going... I'm glad you still exist.

famousmark - Dude, sorry for getting your hopes up. I'll make it up to you with some tasty beverages if you'd like.

In other news...
DVDs I bought today:
Donnie Darko
Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary
Requiem for a Dream

If that isn't the most disturbing list of films, I don't know what is. But I'm gonna watch them all, plus all the extra stuff, ASAP because they are all amazing films.

Poor modernpoverty... You sounded like hell today. I wish I could come help you out so you could get caught up and not be stressed and ill. Pleeeeeeeease take it easy and feel better. You're logged in right now, at three in the morning your time, and that disturbs me.

Ok... I'm going to watch TV for a bit and go to bed.