October 6th, 2002



I'm an idiot. Because after 28 years (yes... 28...) the important lesson still hasn't sunk in that if you keep wussing out of telling the girl that you like her, someone else is gonna tell her on their own behalf, and then you LOSE, SUCKA!

This weekend is Oktoberscoot (http://www.drizzle.com/~vespaman) and tonight, as part of it, was mod night, with DJs and bands. It didn't really live up to what I was hoping for. All in all, it was pretty lame. There were a couple of girls there who have the coveted honor of having dated me, which sorta reminded me of the last few years in Phoenix, when I kept running in to ex-girlfriends and old high school friends everywhere I went. Strange. Aside from them, there were a lot of scooter people, but nobody I was really excited about seeing, except, of course, for my own club. I loves my monkey bretheren. There were also a bunch of super scene-atic hipster idiots there who dressed the part and acted the part to the best of their abilities but, as usual, do not impress me. Don't get me wrong now, I'm all for going full bore on whatever you're into, but when your enjoyment of your evening is clearly hindered by your need to out-mod or out-hip or out-whatever all the other scenesters, then maybe it's time to step back and realize how ridiculous you look. Yeah, getting dressed up nice and rolling in with some cool vintage stuff on is always cool, but save the contest for halloween. And while I'm on this, here's a tip for all you super-catty bitches who incessantly talk nothing but shit about each other and try to pick each other apart behind your respective backs: you're FUCKING BORING ME. Please pick a topic other than a)how fucking rad you look, or b)how fucking rad [insert "friend"'s name here] does not look.

Whew... Well, that was more bitching than I really intended to do. Really, I just wanted to state that I am really retarded.

One other thing

Ok... so... there was actually a lot of fun tonight. Dinner with the Monkeys and Canadians before mod night was great. And, just so you don't read that last post and start thinking I'm horribly depressed or anything (I'm not.. I'm really too fucking stupid to be depressed...), here's an exchange (paraphrased... I don't remember the exact conversation...) from this evening that made me laugh so hard my brains almost imploded:

Someone at table: "Maybe she asked because she wanted to know if you were going to have sex with her."

Me: "I'm pretty sure my position on that issue was very clear."

Steve (not me, the other one): "Hey, who has two thumbs and loves blow jobs?"
*points at self with both thumbs*

God damn that guy cracks me up.