October 10th, 2002


Insane day

Wow... One in the morning and I'm just now getting home from work. I started out pretty late today, due to some scooter issues... showed up at work around 11:30ish. Things were normal for about an hour, and then a really really important server died a horrible and unrecoverable death. This server, of course, is a mystery to everyone in the department except for me, so I'm responsible for it. After trying desperately to resurrect it for most of the day, I finally had to admit defeat and put in a new hard drive, and then start rebuilding all the stuff that was on it. Unfortunately, there was no backup, so I basically have to rebuild all this data out of my head, trying to pick out the brain cells containing pertinent data, which haven't been killed by alcohol or chemicals. Ugh.

So I toiled away on this until about 9pm, when Liz called to tell me that she'd forgotten her keys at work, and was on the bus on the way home. She needed to get her spare keys because she had to take friends to the airport. So I rode home at ludicrous speed, gave her the keys, and then rode back to work at insane-o speed. It was fun. I worked on the server a bit more, and then got distracted into helping Todd with his tech support call.

I feel sort of bad because I told Todd that his demeanor with this super highly important partner (the kind of partner that's going to make or break our company) was disgusting. I explained to him that when he's trying to walk someone through a task, and they're not getting it as much as he'd like them to, he gets kind of snippy and short tempered and lets his frustration through in his voice. It was driving me nuts. After doing tech support for so many years, I'm super-sensitive to this kind of thing. I think that you need to show super-human patience in these kind of situations and never let the person feel stupid or like they're frustrating you. I helped him as much as I could and I tried to take over a lot of the hellish parts of the customer interaction, like walking him through the difficult stuff and helping him troubleshoot. And for as much as I like to talk shit to Todd, I tried to be gentle about telling him how he was being a dick, but I still feel kinda bad. It was actually the second time today I was telling him that he's like that (he asked earlier why someone who used to work there didn't like him). I guess that's gotta be pretty harsh to hear from your co-workers, but he didn't really get too upset. Still, tomorrow I think I'll talk to him again and tell him some stuff I think is cool about him, and I'll offer to help him work on his support skills. That'll be a pretty good deed to balance out all this hatred and intolerance I've been spewing about lately.

Anyway... after working with Todd and his customer for a few hours (and having various political discussions with him and another co-worker inbetween calls), I worked on the server even more. I got it to the point where the department can get back to testing, which is a good thing, but there's still at least a couple days worth of work left to do on it. Sucks.

As I was getting ready to leave, my news agent thingy popped up with news of yet another suicide bombing in Israel. At the same time, Todd's customer, who is in Tel Aviv and was on speakerphone found out. It was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who lives there as they experienced it. Sort of voyeuristic and now, because I had spent the evening with this person, it was a little more meaningful. They deal with this every day. And even though the threat of getting blown up just going to work is about the same as the threat of catching a cold, they just deal with it and keep going. It's eerie. When he found out, he sort of gasped, then explained to us what he was distraught about. He sort of paused for about 8 seconds, and then said "Well... Ok.... So you wanted me to try to log in now?" Creepy. Anyway.. the point of this story is that I don't think I know enough about this fight between Israelis and Palestinians and what the U.S.'s role in it all is (because I KNOW that we're probably involved somehow) and I need to start paying attention because even though it's happening halfway across the world it seems pretty fucking significant and I feel like I should figure out who to root for. Ok... not really who to root for, but I should at least know what I want the outcome to be. Christ.

After that, I drove home on the wet streets. It was nice because it was so late that there were no cars out. But, the streets were wet, so I took it easy which, combined with the cold and the quiet, made for a really nice ride home. I fucking LOVE riding scooters and motorcycles. If I ever die while riding a scooter or motorcycle, don't feel bad for me. Be glad that I got to go out doing my favorite thing.

Good night.
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