October 18th, 2002


Bloody hell...

Man... I was excited to see Big Sandy and Link Wray tonight, but the show's been canceled. Crud. Supposedly there's a good soul cover band at the Rendezvous though so I think I'll go check that out. Afterwards, it's Psycho at the Egyptian midnight movie. Awwww yeah!

Tomorrow night is ViAir poker night. That should be a damn good time. Although a lot of people are making noise about petering out around midnight. Sheesh. Don't people understand that poker games go ALL NIGHT? That's why it's called "Poker Night"... not "Poker Evening". Damn, people!

Only a few weeks until the big Phoenix-Tucson-Nogales-Tucson-Phoenix-Vegas trek! Hell yes I'm excited. I need the week off and it'll be good to go see my peoples again and ride a scooter through the desert.

Speaking of which, I hope a certain someone's got Smallframe Project[tm], or some similarly abled vehicle, running. I would be eternally grateful, of course.

Simon's coming up next weekend for a food show of some sort and there's a lot going on that weekend from James Brown to GWAR to No. 13 Baby... Oh man. I hope I don't end up working a lot.

vespaden, the final Eris payment is on its way to you. Please cash ASAP so as to not be fuckin' wit' my mad book balancin' skillz. Damn.

And that's all I gotta say right now.