October 22nd, 2002


Testing... Testing.... Sleeping....

It's 1:49 in the AM and I'm still at work. I'm on some sort of ruthless productivity kick today. We're in the midst of a full test pass and I'm determined to get my completed test scenarios up to 90% or more before I go home. Then I've got until end of day Wednesday to clear out the other 10%. I don't think I'll get there tonight though. I'm only at about 81% and I'm starting to get dizzy. Still about 150 tests to go. Ugh.

Man. My head is a mess today. As Chuck D put it once, "I got so much trouble on my mind.". Nothing serious or unusual though.

So the weekend was interesting. Poker night with some co-workers was fun, and slightly irritating. I lost about $30, which isn't too bad. I also experienced the most pants-peeing fear that I've ever experienced riding the BMW. Poker was in Issaquah, which is a good 30 miles from my house on the freeway. But not just any freeway. The I-90, which is the most poorly lit (as in NO lights at all) freeway I've ever seen. Oh... and about two miles of it are floating bridge. Saturday night was severely misty. It was *almost* raining, but not quite, but the fog and mist were so thick, it was like being in a cloud. So, there I am in the mist on the freeway in the total darkness on a swaying slipperly floating bridge. Man that was freaky. You know, it was kind of fun though. I had to do most of the ride, 60 miles round trip, with my face shield open so I could see better. This gave me the enviable joy of having tiny droplets of water and wind hitting my eyeballs at 70 mph. By the time I got home, my eyes were red and bloodshot and I looked completely stoned.

"No, officer, it's just the wind..."

Yesterday was more working, and then Chris, Wendy, Christine and I went to see Bowling for Columbine. Easily one of the most amazing films I've seen in a while.

Now, I've got a bit of a thing against Michael Moore, because I think he's a bit self-serving and I think he over-dramatizes certain things to sway the observer into believing what he wants. And I guess that's his artistic right as the filmmaker, but I still think it's obnoxious sometimes. If you saw Roger and Me, you know what I'm talking about, I hope.

Anyway, the film was really good. It really makes you think about why there's so much interpersonal violence in this country as compared to others. It's actually pretty embarassing. There's one scene where he's asking some Canadian teens outside a Taco Bell what they think of violence in America. These random teens were ten times more intelligent and eloquent than any random American teens I've ever seen interviewed, and they actually seemed pretty well informed. It seemed like the overall opinion of Canadians is that we (Americans) just have a really short fuse and we go for the gun a lot faster than other people do.

Another interesting scene in this film was an interview with Marilyn Manson about Columbine. Now... I seriously do not like Marilyn Manson. I think artistically, he's completely worthless. There are many reasons for this, but that's a whole other conversation. Anyway, I think as "musicians" go, he's pretty low on my list. But, when interviewed about Columbine and all the shit he took as a result of it, he was able to defend himself quite well. He's well spoken and logical and makes really good points. So in a way, I was glad to hear what he had to say. I mean, if you look at the types of artists in the past who've had to defend against the responsibility for troubled teens doing stupid things, none of them really did a decent job of being the voice of reason for thier side. Man... I never thought I'd see the day when I was thankful for Marilyn Manson.

One other important thing about this movie is that I now have a new hatred for Charleton Heston. Yes, he spoke two of my favorite movie lines ever, but he's still a fucking ass. That is one damn dirty human.

After the movie, we went to the Twilight for drinky drinks. It was karaoke night. My original plan was no karaoke and one drink. Actual execution turned out to be five or six Jack and Cokes, and some pretty bitchin' renditions of "Alison" and "Punk Rock Girl". Yeah... I'm a fuckin' rockstar, honey. What're you gonna do about it?

Well... that's all I gotta talk about for now. Back to work so I can go to bed.
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