October 25th, 2002


Reduction in Force

I get up late today, because for some reason I couldn't fall asleep last night. I've been playing The Sims a lot lately, so maybe that was it. Anyway... I got up late and went to work late. As I'm arriving, I see Craig outside with Beth. Craig asks if I've been inside yet and I tell him no. He tells me that there are major layoffs going on and my stomach turns inside out. He doesn't know if I'm one of the deceased.

I look up at the windows and I see Danny looking down. So I motion to him trying to find out if he knows if I got laid off, but he thinks that I'm motioning that I DID get laid off. This is useless. I go inside.

Not a single soul in QA. All the machines are on, and half of them look like they were left rather abruptly, but there's nobody anywhere. I start freaking out. So I call boss #1. No answer. I call boss #2. No answer. Now I'm really freaking out. I briefly entertain the idea of just going home. If they can't find me, they can't lay me off, right? Right. I get my wits about me and sit down and check my mail. So, my account works, which is a good sign. And there's no mail from boss #1 saying to come see him or anything, so that's good too. I call boss #3 and he answers. I ask if I should start packing and he says no. I live to see another day.

Such is the exciting and scary fucking world of the startup software company. For the most part, it's a fun and interesting ride, but some days you have to watch your friends lose their jobs and that blows. I'm thankful that I still have my job, but it really sucked seeing friends, some of whom I believe to be more talented than I, sent away to never come back. All in all, more than half of QA is now gone. We are now five people, with one boss instead of three. Like I said, it's good to still be employed, but it's also going to suck to have to survive on half as many people.

According to the CEO, we have now slowed our cash burn enough to get us to the point where we'll become cashflow positive. This is a good thing if it actually comes to fruition. If not, we're fucked. It also all hinges on us getting a really major deal which is "110%" probable. Still kinda scary though.

I guess it's time to just put my helmet on and hold tight.