November 4th, 2002


Busy busy busy

Oh man... I'm getting dizzy. I've spent the majority of this weekend at this desk backing up and rebuilding Dr. Zaius (the main server for This was a herculean task, indeed, but it needed to be done. I haven't rebuilt windows on this machine in about two years. It's gone through three different hard drives (thanks to the miracles of imaging) and two different machines. Oh... and two years ago when I did build Windows 2000 on it, it was an upgrade from Windows 98. So technically, it's been more like 3 and a half years since I totally wiped the drive and started from scratch. Scary.

Like I said, this was a mammoth task. This machine, in addition to being my everyday email/livejournal/music/porn machine, is also the nerve center of the DamnDirtyDataCenter. It runs web services for my site, plus Paul's, plus it hosts some web services for a couple of other people. It also runs Exchange and hosts all of my mail accounts, Simon's mail, and a bunch of others that I use for testing. It runs SQL Server for databases, including the messageboard for the flying monkeys. It runs FTP services and DNS. It's the primary domain controller for my Active Directory domain. It also makes coffee.

So, to do this correctly, I had to migrate all those services off to a new server, named Zira (the other main scientist in Ape City), while I rebuilt Dr. Zaius. I gave him a shiny new gigantic hard drive and built everything from scratch. I'm still in the process of getting it all migrated back. I think all I have left is to get DNS and Exchange moved over. I just don't have the will to do it tonight though.

I now know more about troubleshooting Active Directory synchronization, IIS, DNS, and Exchange migration than anyone has a right to. I am geek, hear me squeal.

I did take a little bit of time off from all this crap this weekend. Yesterday I went on the Los Gatos Gordos rally, Paseo con Los Muertes (Ride With the Dead). We went around to a few Seattle cemetaries and rode through them. It was kind of fun. I'd love to be able to ride those cemetary roads with nobody else on them on a dry and sunny day. They're so twisty and flat. We saw the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee and talked about the urban legend of how Brandon Lee died. I didn't know that Bruce Lee also died while filming a movie. Weird.

On the ride to the last cemetary, I was at the front of the pack with Felix. I saw some really good curves coming up so I decided to skate through them pretty fast. Eris was bored from driving slow all day and so was I, so I figured a little bit of the dumb and dangerous was in order.

As I came out of the second turn, completely in control and not really pushing the safety envelope much at all, I looked up and noticed that there was a VW Bus in my immediate future, beginning to turn left in front of me. Fuck. What made matters worse is that as soon as she realized she was about to end my life, she STOPPED in front of me, so there was no chance she'd be out of my way in time.

I locked up the brakes and began skidding straight towards the bus. There was no way on this or any other planet I was going to stop in time. I leaned it to the left to get a bit of a sideways skid going. Still no possible way I was stopping in time. The front of the bus was getting really close really fast. Then, a stroke of brilliance. Acting solely on instinct, I let off the brakes, opened the throttle and dumped the clutch. Since I was now pointing off to the left, I shot in that direction (sort of... I was still skidding towards the bus, but I now had some force pushing me to the side). It worked. I missed the bus by what seemed like less than an inch. I actually had to throw my head to the left to keep it from hitting. I managed to swerve the whole way around without hitting at all. It was truly amazing. I threw my hands up in victory as a horrified Felix rode up next to me and looked at me like "Why aren't you dead?" When we got to the cemetary, everyone was like "how in the fuck did you do that???". I was just shaking. Some people said they could swear I actually hit the bus and bounced off, but there was no physical evidence of such on Eris. Damn that was fucking cool.

Last night I went to Christine's birthday party at Lelani Lanes. There was an abundance of really cute hairdressers. They did not talk to me. I did not sing "Uptown Girl", "The Greatest American Hero", or "The Dark End of the Street". I also did not give Christine a birthday lapdance while singing "I Touch Myself". Sorry Christine!

I did, however, ride the BMW about 8 miles out of the way (I always forget where Lelani Lanes is) in some of the most nut-freezing cold I've ever ridden in. Holy shit. I must have had four inch snotcicles hanging by the time I showed up. That might explain why cute hairdressers did not talk to me. Hmmm.

Tonight, I washed just about every stitch of clothing, bedding, and linen that I own. Nine loads of laundry in all. Poor Liz is probably still regretting saying "Oh... You're going to do laundry? I'll go with you! I have a couple of loads to do..."

Well... that's about all I know for now. There's a nice long entry for you. It's got everything you need: Overly technical explanations of my own geek-fest, danger, hairdressers, and an update on the condition of my eyelid.

Oh wait... there's no update about my eyelid up there. Well... here it is. I went to the doctor on Monday and he did more eyelid surgery. It was ten times worse than last time with more needles, more incisions, more bleeding, and more of me wishing for death (mine or his). At the end of it all was a nice shot of some steroid directly into the eyelid (most of which leaked out of the many incision that had been previously made). Said steroid definitely seems to be helping as my right eyelid is starting to look remarkably similar to my left one. I continue with the crazy warm compress-drops-ointment-pills regimen and hope to be somewhat normal (at least in the eyelid category) by the time I leave for vacation on Wednesday.

More on vacation, my new sleeping bag, rally and Vegas plans, and all that jive later, because this entry is too fucking huge.
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Thinking more about Saturday's NDE... It occurred to me that one could say I "cheated death on my way to the cemetery". Any of you heavy metal gods wanna take a run with that and get back to me with some lyrics? I thought so.
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