November 21st, 2002



"Steve, this is one of the voices in your head. It's almost three in the fucking morning. You have to do a shit ton of research and write a test document tomorrow. Go the fuck to bed. You show up late enough as it is. You fucking slacker."

Well, voice in my head, if you'd quit bugging me when I'm trying to write this here entry, we could move along. Ass.

Anyway, I saw a really cool band tonight. Actually, I saw a really cool band, which actually ended up seeming kind of boring, because their shit just got TRUMPED by the opening band. Damn!

The opening band was called OK Go. I think they're from Chicago but I don't know. They were awesome. Very nice kinda rotten indie pop with some definite Weezer/Rentals influences. They did a cover of Oliver's Army, which was quite different from Elvis', but still damn good. They also apparently cover a Specials song, but they didn't do it tonight, and I don't know which song. Anyway, they're fucking cool.

The headliner was Fountains of Wayne. I'd never heard them before. They're pretty good. A bit more mellow than the first band, but quite entertaining. The songs were very catchy. Apparently the lead singer is the guy that wrote "That Thing You Do" which, if you take away the fact that you had to hear it seven hundred and fourteen thousand times during the movie and then another 42 million, six hundred eighty thousand times on the radio, in the mall, in elevators, and at Pizza Hut, as well as being hummed by the guy in the stall next to you in the restroom at that Stuckey's on I-10 outside of El Paso, was actually a pretty good song. The songs performed this evening were of that caliber or higher. Good band. Questionable reputation.

Speaking of That Thing You Do, I'd just like to say: Liv Tyler.

Repeat: Liv Tyler.


Earlier tonight (last night? fuck.), I got stuck in an elevator at work with my team and one developer. It was kind of fun. I used the software that we slaved over for the last couple of years to send an email to the rest of the dev team from my phone. It said "QA team stuck in elevator. We have a developer too. Please help." About 10 minutes later, we rescued ourselves. I went upstairs to find the rest of the dev team playing foosball. WHAT? I send an email that we're all stuck in the elevator and you guys are playing fucking FOOSBALL? Bastards.

This happens all the time. The elevators in our building just don't really have the will to live anymore. I shall now refer to the right elevator as "The Hellavator" and the right one as "Bitey McChompers".

Speaking of Hell, I saw Carrie at the Egyptian Saturday night for the first time in one million years. I never realized before that Edie McClurg plays one of the girls that picks on Carrie. She was Ed Rooney's secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

"Well, with your bad knee Ed you shouldn't throw anybody!"

Hehe. Anyway, what's weird about that is that today my mom told me that the guy who played Ed Rooney recently got arrested for fondling little boys or something.

This entry is spinning out of control. Please stop it.

PeeWee also got arrested. That's all I know about that.

Anyway, so the elevator was kind of funny, until we figured out how to get out of it. Then it was briefly scary, because we had to climb out of an opening that was a few feet up and I kept thinking of what might happen if the Hellavator suddenly started moving when someone was half in and half out of it. Kind of like in Christine when Christine backs that dude up against a wall and then rams him in half. But different. Anyway, when I got out I jumped out fast and sort of rolled all dramatic and I think people just thought I was trying to be funny but really I was just trying not to get cut in half, cause I don't really want my top half if I can't have the bottom half with it.

Mom says if you get diabetes, they cut off your feet.

Man, I really need to go to bed. Goodnight!

*waves maniacally*

Are you still reading? Ok... Cause I got one more thing. Simon needs to know of an actor or actress who received an Oscar for their portrayal of the same character in more than one film. That is, they have to have played the same character in more than one movie and received an Oscar more than once for their performance of that character. Get it? Man I'm fucking tired.

I'm an idiot

The actual question was:

what actors have both won an Oscar for portraying the same character in
two different movies?

which is way easier than what I thought it was.

You can stop going insane trying to figure it out now.