November 25th, 2002


I stole this....

....while random journal browsing:

How many States have YOU been to?

Alabama: Yes. Drive-thru.
Alaska: No. (1)
Arkansas: Yes. Drive-thru.
California: Yes. Many times
Colorado: No. (2)
Connecticut: Yes.
Delaware: Yes. Beginning of major adventure.
District of Columbia: Yes.
Florida: Yes. Unfortunately.
Georgia: Yes.
Hawaii: No. (3)
Idaho: Yes. Unscheduled stop-over on the way to Utah.
Illinois: Yes. Been stuck in Chicago traffic.
Indiana: No. (4)
Iowa: No (5)... At least I don't think so.
Kansas: No. (6)
Kentucky: No. (7)
Louisiana: Yes. Drive-thru.
Maine: No. (8) Unless I have. I'm not sure.
Maryland: Yes.
Massachusetts: Yes. Saw Too Much Joy play the Paradise.
Michigan: Yes. Work engagement in Detroit.
Minnesota: Yes. Work engagements in Minneapolis. Fucking Cold.
Mississippi: Yes. Drive-thru.
Missouri: No. (9) But I don't know if I'd notice if I had been there.
Montana: No. (10)
Nebraska: No. (11)
Nevada: Yes. Hell yes.
New Hampshire: No. (12)
New Jersey: Yes. I was born there. Many will die there.
New Mexico: Yes.
New York: Yes.
North Carolina: Yes.
North Dakota: No. (13) See South Dakota.
Ohio: Yes. Work engagements in Columbus and Cleveland.
Oklahoma: No (14), and that's a good thing.
Oregon: Yes.
Pennsylvania: Yes.
Rhode Island: No. (15)
South Carolina: Yes.
South Dakota: No. (16) See North Dakota.
Tennessee: Yes.
Texas: Yes. Many many long miles.
Utah: Yes. And I've been to a strip club there.
Vermont: No. (17)
Virginia: Yes.
Washington: Yes. It's where I sleep, most nights.
West Virginia: Yes.
Wisconsin: No. (18)
Wyoming: No. (19) Is it still there? I thought we sold it or something.

Yes: 31 + 1 DC
No: 19


While I was writing that last entry, Cartoon Network has been on in the background. WACKY FUCKING RACES JUST CAME ON. That's right. Dastardly and Mutley in the Mean Machine, Rufus Roughcut and Sawtooth in the Buzz Wagon, Pat Pending, Penelope Pitstop, The Boulder Mobile with the Slag Brothers (Rock and Gravel), The Creepy Coupe with the Gruesome Twosome...

I'm gonna grab a big old bowl of cereal, crank up channel 420, and sink into cartoon bliss now.