January 19th, 2003



Tonight, I went to live boxing at the fabulous Emerald Queen Casino with hambone1, ChrisWendy[tm], and some other swell folks. It was a damn good time.

There were five or six fights. A couple of them were kind of boring, because the guys were pretty evenly matched, so there wasn't a whole lot of ass-kicking. None of the fights went to a decision though. All were won by TKO or KO.

There were two pretty good ones though. The second fight of the night was the girl-fight. I bet on the wrong girl and she got the everloving crap beat out of her for a whopping 38 seconds before throwing in the towel. It was basically just one swift ass-kicking in the corner and she was outta there. The girl that beat her up could kick my ass, your ass, your dad's ass, and all your friends' asses, and then still have enough energy to bowl a couple of games. Damn.

The third to last fight was by far the best. Two skinny little fellars. One was a scrawny white boy. The other was apparently puerto rican, as indicated by his puerto rican flag shorts, so he's the one I was rooting for. He beat the CRAP out of the other guy and after about a minute and a half knocked his ass on the floor, cartoon style. The punch was so hard it threw the guy off his feet completely and he just flopped on the floor. After about six seconds, he tried to get up but just sprawled and flopped around some more. After the fight was called, they finally stood the guy up, but he couldn't stand on his own. He looked seriously dazed for about three minutes and I was wondering if he was ever coming back. After a while, he sort of gathered his wits, although he still appeared to have no idea what the hell just happened to him. They walked him out and I imagine he's sitting on his couch right now trying to figure out why he can't remember how to spell his last name.

After the fights, I proceeded to lose $200 playing blackjack. That was my gambling budget for the evening, and I had a good time, so I'm ok with it. I really should have saved that $200 for the Vegas trip next month, but oh well. I did manage to refrain from playing craps, which may or may not be a good thing.

Now I'm home and I feel really ill from eating casino food. Ick.
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