January 26th, 2003


I like my weekend.

I was thinking this weekend was gonna suck because of tons of work that I need to do, but it's actually not bad at all..

Last night I saw Hot Hot Heat, the Walkmen, and Hint Hint at Graceland. I missed most of Hint Hint, but what I caught was kind of interesting. Sort of like old school Cure meets Public Image Limited. Not terrible at all. And they're local. Neat.

The Walkmen are not as good as I was hoping. Liz hyped them a lot, but I don't think she's heard their new stuff. All of the songs that they introduced as "new" sounded the same and were pretty boring. The other stuff was pretty good and I can definitely understand why she likes them so much from that. The singer was really cool. Seemed kind of disturbed but sang his guts out until he was red in the face.

Hot Hot Heat's set kicked ass! It was way better than I was expecting. Their songs are pretty catchy and sort of sound like late 80's/early 90's alterna-pop sort of stuff. And the guy's voice is pretty cool. Their stage presence was awesome and the girls in the front worshipped. If I don't go down to San Francisco next week to see Paul Weller with vespaden then I'm gonna see them again.

Today I helped vespaden with his computer issues for a while, then worked for a bit and got a TON of shit done. Enough that I'm not going to bother going in tomorrow. Then I just kind of hung out here for a while, bullshitting with friends and whatnot. I played the bass (not the big mouth Billy bass) for a good two hours until my fingers about fell off. Then I shaved. At midnight, went to see 16 Candles at the Egyptian with shakespearssis. Not only did she get us in free and give me a free Coke, but she brought booze to mix with it! Yaaaaay! It was good fun. Saw northernsoul there. LiveJournal is definitely making my world smaller, and that's a good thing.

Tomorrow: nothing on the itinerary! Sweet. I think if I can drag myself outta bed at a reasonable hour, I'll go snowboarding, because I still haven't been yet this year. If not, then I'll try to go during the week or perhaps next weekend.

Wow... this turned out to be a rather cheerfully boring entry then, didn't it?

OH! modernpoverty: I'm REALLY sorry for IM "hanging up" on you earlier. I couldn't really talk at the moment cause I was elbows deep in computer issues. But I did get the message about the free rally pack and that would rock the hizzy! Lemme know if you pull it off! Otherwise, I'll just go to the cool ass page I built and buy me one!
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Smiley-Free February!

I, Steve Calderon, do vow this day that for the entire month of February, I will use not one "emoticon" in any email, instant message conversation, journal entry, manifesto, or plea bargain. This will start on February 1, 2003 at 12:01 AM and will end at 11:59 PM on February 28th. Now here's the fun part: If I do slip up, and you're the first person to point it out to me, you win FIVE DOLLARS! That's right. Five bucks if I use a smiley.

Just for the record, this covers only smileys. That is, any of these guys or their friends:

:) :-) :( >:P, etc...

Not covered are things like: LOL, OMG, ROFLMAOSHTALBOPCO*, as well as ASCII boobs: (. )( .), because hey, those are boobs!

*Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off So Hard That A Little Bit Of Pee Comes Out. Yeah... I just made it up. Feel free to use.