January 31st, 2003


Weird day

I feel like chocolate frosted hell today. Why oh why oh why did I go out last night? The bands were not very good at all, and I ended up being out later than I really wanted to be. And that dude from the Posies (not Ken Stringfellow, the other guy...) just annoys the crap out of me. Anyway, I was paying for it when I woke up this morning. The magic combination of lifting weights at lunch, not eating a decent dinner, and staying out super late does not treat me as well as it used to. Phooey.

So this morning I wake up and procrastinate going to work as long as I possibly can. I finally left home at around 11 on Eris.

Dude, my scooter was running great this morning for some reason! I have no idea why, but she just wanted to haul ass. So, I naturally obliged, especially with how late I was for work.

Now, I don't know why it didn't occur to me that since there's been a cop near Olive and Denny pretty much every day for the last two weeks, there would probably be one there today. I was going way too fast to think of such things. As I approached the part where one lane becomes parallel parking, I noticed that the person (about six cars ahead of me) in the left lane was going slooooooooow. People in Capitol Hill drive sloooooooooow. It actually looked like he was going to turn left at some point soon. So, being me, I gassed it and hauled down the right lane, in the little bit of space between the parked cars in the right lane and the moving ones in the left. As soon as I got past the slow car, I kicked it over to the left and I was all clear. Unfortunately, I kicked it over to the left right in front of a motorcycle cop. Fuck.

He pulls me over pretty much immediately and gets my license and stuff. He then proceeds to give me a lecture about my goofy ass driving and remind me that it hurts when you crash.

"Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir. I'm retarded, sir."

In the end, NO TICKET, but I really need to remember that the cops like hanging out there from now on, because they're writing tickets there every day when I ride by. Damn cops.

Nothing much more interesting to report. Got to work, got some pizza, going to give blood in a few minutes, since I didn't crash and spill mine everywhere. I'm not a fan of the blood donation process, but it's gotta be done. I have too much.
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The horror!

I am FUCKIN' TIRED. I have no idea why I'm not sleeping.

Giving blood today was alright. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting. In fact, it was fun. I was right next to Chad. I got him good two or three times:


"What? WHAT?"


The blood farmer guy didn't think it was all that funny, but I laughed and laughed, and that made my little blood bag fill up faster. So I won the race.

Next time, I'm gonna take the plunge and actually watch the blood farmer stick the needle in my arm. I want to see the blood start flowing down the tube. Is that so wrong?

Interesting thing about today. When they took my blood pressure before the blood harvest, it was not only "optimal" but was also the lowest I can ever remember it being. Such are the benefits to be reaped from Steve Calderon's Fast Track to Physical Fitness[tm].

I just watched Bowling for Columbine again with Liz. For as self-centered and patronizing as Michael Moore can be, that film really is fucking amazing. Especially disturbing is the part where he tells me that America has about 11,500 gun related deaths per year, as compared to less than 500 in Canada, Germany, Japan, Britain, Australia, and a few other countries. Some of those have less than 100.

Another interesting aspect of watching this film today is that, when it was made, it foreshadowed quite well the situation we're in now with Iraq. It really does suck that my country is such a fucking bully.

I gotta go to bed.

PS: Remember, NO smileys or emoticons or whatever the fuck you wanna call them from me, for all of February, starting in FIFTEEN MINUTES. Catch me doing it, and you win five whole dollars. And if I make it the whole month, imasage owes me TWO WHOLE DOLLARS. This is gonna be a piece of cake compared to last year's "Land Based Animal Meat Free February".